Where Dreams Come True

Who wouldn't wish for that? Who wouldn't like to fly from the normal world into the world of daydreams where everything you want can go exactly as you want? A flawless world in which you can be eternaly happy along with whoever you want? A world where everyone accepts you as you are and where you can have absolutely everyone?

I daydream every day. So much that I've created a complex world in my mind that is mine and I completely control it. A world in which I have perfect friends and affairs with actors or just the perfect boyfriend. A world in which everything I want happens, even magic. I'm problem-free and more outgoing. Where I am everything I wish I'd be and I have everything I will never afford to have in real life.
It's so beautiful I'm easily hurt that it's not real.

P.S. I don't spend hours just doing that... I usually do that before going to sleep in the hope that maybe I'll dream it. And when I'm alone or feel lonely.
whatsername whatsername
26-30, F
Aug 4, 2007