Don't Call 'friend' When Action Is Not!

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Coward,

It's been so disappointing again for such an arrogant couple like you two who act as if you are truly in love and would like to extend your true love to those people by saying something of making friend. But, both of you are well aware that your actions have proven to be not 'for friend' at all.

Hence, you keep asking for the apology claimed that I owed you (whereas what you have done to me and my family, I never claim that. Not because that I feel that I & my family do not deserve it, but I don't waste my time to ask for such understanding, loving, kindness and humanity from both of you. Your actions already spoke much louder!). Anyway, if you still believe that anything between us needs to be clear, then be a man and be the brave ones. You know my place, you know my number (yes, i do know that you know...) Mrs. Coward even walked passing by my house without dropping by to ask for the apology both of you claimed that I owed to you. I'm not gonna repeat how coward such, if you believe so strongly that you deserve my apology, let's finish it. Otherwise, don't expect me to respect you for such false notion and coward action.

Hope that this is clear enough.  And keep doing in what you are doing, I know the REAL you. It's no surprise to me at all.  :)

But please don't expect me to respect you...for those who have no respect in themselves, will you do what you are doing. And no need to lie to yourself by name it friendship, love, kindness of giving lesson, know well in your mind what is it. Why you're too coward even pretending to yourself!  

Selfishidiot Selfishidiot
31-35, F
Oct 8, 2011