I Hate You Brandon

i hate you brandon so much.for one for me liking you for two for thinking you was worth my time everytime i ask for the one thing that makes me happy its bullshit.im sorry i couldn't **** you,suck your ****.im not about that.im a classy girl with alot to offer but you couldn't see that could you.have fun with michelle.she could(so-called) give you what you need.now whose going to be there to whipe your tears,be the girl by your side whose always be there for you.i was all that and you never even looked at me. you looked at my best friend,that ugly girl named majoma,skipped me and went to michelle.damn was i that hilariously ugly.im a joke.now you'll never even know what im about.you always go around and let people fall inlove with you but you never pay attention to the ones that do.but your gonna pass the one one who actually gives a **** about you.im tired of being last all the time,stop hurting me,god i feel like im dying right now.i never knew this hurts so much.damn i never even went out with you.there could of been days i just give up slit my rist get it over with but i stayed i wanted to see your face again,you brandon,you.but i see the picture clearly better than how i saw it before.you want michelle.she can give you all what you need.but i could never,right.i wish i never met you cause all you cause is pain in my life.i can feel my heart aceing right now.one of the most things i forget was not letting my self go .i should of died.then i could feel no pain.

i can't belived i liked you.

Jordanne Jordanne
18-21, F
4 Responses Apr 9, 2007

If he's all about using your body and not giving a damn about you then he's a waste time. to even think about him is a wast.

He wasn't worth it and you'll find someone better. While he's out with some easy b@#$% you'll find a real guy.

Jordanne, this guy is such a moron, I am so happy that you dropped him like a *****. Don’t let him control your emotions or rob you of your beautiful spirit so that you can savor the sweet fruits of life soon to come your way.

That was RAW nad TRUTH if I ever read it!! I gave this a high FIVE!! Unfortunately, alot of " classy gals " are put through this scenario, especially at this age. It hurts like h***, but you DID GOOD! Don't give in to HIS C***! We've seen ya. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! (physically). And for those of us that has talked to us know you're even more beautiful on the inside! That's not just pep talk. It's the truth! HE wasn't WORTHY OF YOU!! But don't lay down, and die for this guy. Take time to grieve and heal. Then when the worthy guy comes along that REALLY appreciates you, FLAUNT IT!! And if you're lucky, it'll be flaunted around "UNWORTHY"!!