I Have No "Real" Friends

I don't have many friends but, the ones I do have aren't all that great. I feel like they are only my friends because I do them favors. I want a friend who will call me just to ask me how I'm feeling. I want a friend that I can let my guard down around. I just want a friend that likes me for me not because of what I can do for them.
LauraLovesYou LauraLovesYou
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4 Responses Aug 14, 2007

so where would you find those real friends that you can trust?

Hear you on that. You may find that you do have 1 or 2 of those people around you, but, they may not realize that yet. Keep looking and it will come. :)

i totally undertsnad how u feel but friends like that are hard to find ill know but yeah i have friends like that but not alot of them are veru trust worthy is hard to find someone who can undertsnad you but is not impposible

I agree with you completely. I see shows like Sex in the City and think "that can't be real" ... while also thinking "i wish i was part of a group of friends like that".