Real Friends Are Hard to Come By

I have many friends, but real friends can be hard to come by.

What is it we are all looking for in our friends that would make them "real friends?"  Is their really a difference? 

Let's examin a few thoughts.

My brother and I are business partners.  He once gave me a little book titled PARDS.  This little book talked about the cowboy idea of best friends.  It is great.  I carry it in my car to remind me of our friendship when we are having rough times with each other.  He is my brother first, real friend second, and business pardner 3rd.  I would do anything for him, even consider giving him my left testicle if he asked...but that would be a cryin' shame.

My wife, would be another true friend.  Even though we hate each other (oops I didn't say that did I), we would each die for the other.  We are better friends than spouses and we will both admit it.  We are even considering divorce, because it may be better for our children, to see happy parents separately, than grumpy grouchy parents together.

My true best friend.  He past away this year.  I only knew him a few years, but we truly became best friends.  I will do anything for his family that I can to help.  He would have done the same for me.  I know it.  He was such a good, funny man.  He will always be with me.  He is part of me.

Let's consider childhood friends.  My best friend when I was a child, lived just 2 houses away.  The poor sweet woman who lived between us.  Her yard was our, battlefield, football field, soccer field, you name it... our adventureland.  I recently found this picture of us when we were about 6-8 years old.  We were firemen!  Wearing our yellow rain suits rubber boots and firemen hats,  the garden hose was the only toy.   Today, he is a lawyer in Alaska.  We still talk at least a couple times a year.  He has even helped me with legal advise.  He will always be a true friend.

What about our friends here on EP.  Yes, I believe there are true friends here.  Don't you?

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1 Response Aug 19, 2007

Real friends are jewels in the rough, they get better as we age. There are no demands, just concerns, and understanding given. They grow so very valuable with time. It's just a better world with them in it.