Wish I Could Find My Sole Mate

I have alwasy beleved in sole mates and just wish i could find mine. My uncles funeral was today and I was watching my aunt who divorced him years ago stand thier and cry. It broke my heart because i kow that they still and will always love each other. Then I looked to my cousin and her husband and watching them you can just see the love. Then I look to my great grandparents that where married for almost 70 years and my grandparents for over fifty and parents for over thiry and all of their love was and is so deep and here i am in my thirtys alone. I just hope that someday someone will look at me with that love in their eyes.
thenewestdaughter thenewestdaughter
36-40, F
1 Response May 6, 2012

be patient it will happen

I always thought you could only have one and i lost him in highschool but now i hope someday in some way i can find another

idk abt that if theres one or more soulmates but if u are searching for ur soulmate u will find it and he/she will never be lost as soulmates bound my soul not my a word or body