My Wings

That's why I love fairies. I even like to believe being a fairy would be my second life. Whenever that may be.

The freedom flying can give you...I can only imagine. It takes me to a place where even the night air is cold and damp, I can feel the warmth of my freedom. I can taste the sweetness of escape.

Just to escape the afflictions and wounds that plagues my heart. And if my wings bring me to that solace of  calmness and relief...then I'll keep my wings and won't fly back.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
8 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Thank you, Nyeusi... the faeriedust is always shared around here. *curtsies*

hi can i ride along your trip seems like my ideal travel destination i wouldnt mind just about now getting some of the fairy dust and growing some wings!lol .... that was a lovely story to read.

Yes that's a deal ...WOOT WOOT :D

HT - LOL! You're a crazy kid; but I like it. Keep this attitude, kiddo - promise me. :) And thank you for saying you don't want me to fly away from all of you. That is just sweet. *hugs*<br />
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2E - That will simply be fulfilling if someone can do that. But I bet it would be not as pretty as the fairies' wings... *hugs*<br />
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Jimmy - You really think so? I cry at the thought, and I'm not certain if it's because of longing or sadness...and deep inside, I really want to just fly away. *hugs*<br />
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Bella - If I do end up with wings and fly of somewhere, I'll take you for a ride first. Deal? *hugs*<br />
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Thank you, folks for your sweet comments. :)

Love this story Sylph...<br />
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I always seem to equate being able to fly to freedom.. *hugs*

If anyone deserves to fly, Sylph, it is you. Someday I think you'll really do it.

Escaping is what a lot of us want to do. But don't fly away from us. :P<br />
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I think the closest you'll get, is winning the lotto and buying a private jet. :P<br />
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Personally, I'd rather just drive around aimlessly at night, listening to my favorite music with either a close friend or someone I deeply loved. But that's just my sense of "flying".

I don't want to...can I just fly...please...???<br />
I'm sorry...I'm just being a big baby. LOL Okay, at least it's making me laugh. Thanks, Lilly, as always. *hugs*<br />
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Am I glad you're in a different time zone! :)