Have Ya Ever????

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Have ya ever watched a Hawk circle round and round riding a thermal going up efortlessly . Have ya ever stood where the wind was strong and held your arms out like a kid for just a moment. Well Paragliding is the idealization of this dream. No motor, only the wind softly going by for company..A view unparallrd on this earth.. The feeling of freedom is unbelievable. I love it. it's like sending your soul to the drycleaners.

It's the most fun ya can have with your clothes on.


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I have never felt freeier or closer to the great Creatator than aloft. . . <br />
It is my love,<br />

I would so love to try it some day. I love to go to the top of those high rise garages and just lean over the side... just pretending that the wind that is blowing is actually me going through the air... effortlessly & free.

Do send me some pictures of the Harris would you? I love Raptors and they are beautiful ones.<br />

Ricky Racer huh - soo cute. My cats used to have a pet mouse. He'd crawl out from his hole near the house foundation and come to their dish to eat. They'd bat at him gently while he'd eat their food. It was hard to set a trap for that mouse - I can't remember if I did it or not.<br />
<br />
Been reading Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver - a great book. She says in there that prey type critters multiply faster than predators. This is why spraying for bugs is so harmful - because it upsets the balance. If you spray a lot of predators - the prey multiply and become pestiferous. I was watching the owner of the Harris Hawk the other evening. His hawk was evidently learning something new. The man was on his knees and the hawk was standing with it's wings spread. I'll ask him next time what was happening. He let me take pictures of the bird one time. What a pleasure that was!<br />
Thanks for liking my poem Dx.

I have always love the Raptors, Birds of prey are actually quite gentle if they love you. Liked the poem Mox.<br />
I understand the chain of life comment, yet I hunt! Indians always asked the great spirit to bless the creatures they hunted. My father taught me to always have reverance for the lives of prey. Even yet I have a pet mouse who lives in the garage. sh-h-h-h don't tell I am supposed to be a tough guy hahaha I call him Ricky Racer and feed him doggy kibble and some salad here and there. He come quite close to take the food now and turns his wee head and looks at me as he eats it. <br />
Thanx for the commentary.<br />
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There is a guy who has a Harris Hawk who comes here to let the bird go for exercise. It's dangerous because we have two redtails living down by the lakeshore. I wish I could have gotten pics of the huge buzzards sitting on the fence the other day - they were absolutely humongous!

I found a redtail hawk feather on my dog walk yesterday - what a treasure. Their feathers are so beautiful - reddish brown and brown striped. I now have two of them in my collection.

I can truly relate to what you describe. As a girl I used to climb a hill behind out home and look down on the city and the hawks soaring on the rising warm air, then I'd see them run near the surface for a few second before clutching at some inperceptible thing and shooting back up into the sky. I used to wonder how they saw such small things from up so high. Later in highschool we learned about the human eye and other eyes. The hawk and eagle are remarkably built to do their work. <br />
<br />
I have a sensitive emotional being and always hated the so called "balance of nature" with all of its food chain happenings. <br />
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The sun went down, the hawks went home<br />
I cannot see them from my room <br />
But tomorrow when the sun comes up<br />
they'll be gliding again 'til that day's used up<br />
<br />
They glide with ease up over the hill<br />
Looking for critters, their blood to spill<br />
That is their game for survival and fun, if they catch a critter their game is won.