I Have Dreams of Flying Or Bei...

I have dreams of flying or being able to jump extraordinary distances.  I think almost every person is jealous of the birds above them.
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I always have better days when I practice. I did yoga almost every day for 4 years but this past winter I allowed my practice to wane and my life did not go very well in that time. I have back, neck, and shoulder pain all the time and I didn't realize how well yoga was helping to keep the pain at tolerable levels. Those 4 months of no yoga were much more painful and I was not feeling as good mentally either.

I need to get into Yoga again... it was really good for my anxiety.

I think the answer is to live in the present moment and appreciate what you have right now. We can be so pre-occupied with our "lives" and all these things we need to do in the future or lamenting things that have happened in the past. I find that I notice the beauty in the world more after I practice yoga and am feeling centered and present in the now.

When i was younger, i was seriously jealous of the birds in the sky- so free and able to see things from an amazing an diffrent perspective.<br />
<br />
These days, i don't really think about it anymore, and i should. <br />
<br />
"in the moment" now how do i do that again??

Hmmm, I need to start keeping a dream log as I was doing for a few months last spring. I've gotten out of the habit.

Thanks Lizza, it certainly helps to know I'm not alone.

I feel like I'm always in a situation that I don't know where it will lead. My life was quite tumultuos for 2 years after having a head injury, then going through major depression followed by 2 months of mania. And not surprisingly I was in rehab within 3 months after my mania subsided and I was in mixed state of depression and mania, using lots of substances. Point being, I'm in a state of trying to slowly piece my life back together and bring it structure while still recovering from all this trauma. So my daily state is not that high, my dopamine levels are low. I'm depressed and struggling to make myself get out of bed and go do the things that are necessary to achieve my goals which are quite simple right now. It's a feedback mechanism in that the more depressed I am, the less I can pursue my goals, which is disheartening and makes me more depressed, etc. I don't really know where I'm going with this other than that it's really hard for me to appreciate right now, the moments of my life. I can't help but work for the future cause my present kinda sucks right now.

You leave the best comments of anybody on EP Elena. You need to get an award or something. I do feel like living for today is so important but I also have problems with organization and procrastination. I think I already live in the current moment a little too much and forget some of the things I'd like to be doing. I'm probably getting things mixed up here, apples and oranges, but I wonder how I can live in this current moment and live for today while still planning for tomorrow. We do need to have goals and plans for the future, even with it's uncertainty.

Yay! I'm glad to hear that :) Despite all my whining and complaining on this site I am an optimist in that I think my life will get better. I've always thought that but I'm still waiting for the moment. And I'm also trying to learn to accept and appreciate the current moment since it's the only one we ever live in. I could die today and that future I've always pictured for myself will be gone.