Tell Me - Have You Seen Me?

I miss the old Jaycee before I was cheated on, death came into my life, and others stole part of me.  I can feel her deep inside me but I don't think she will ever see light of day again.  I miss her though and always will.

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5 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Hey Princess, the Jaycee that I know and love will be back in time. Just don't give up on her.

Dunno...I have the same thing going on. I figure my 'old self', is probably building sandcastles on a beach somewhere, I'll send a psychic message to her and see if your old self is anywhere around.<br />
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Maybe there is an alternate plane our old selves go to hang out. (maybe take a right at where ever the socks disappear to. Either there or "third star to the right and straight on til morning.")

Every new experience changes us a bit..... Whether good or bad experience. And some change us more than others, some are deeper more impressionable, ect. A part of your "old Jaycee" is there... but now fused with a New Jaycee. Remember, with most losses... somewhere there is a gain! ;)

Probably the only difference here is that I dont miss the old self, the new one has slim chances of being hurt...

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