That Would Be Nice, Wouldn't It?

In real life, you would literally just have disappeared, mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth and no one would know what happened. You just vanished like poof! So then the police gets involved and they start doing this whole national search for you and they too are left scratching their heads wondering how one could suddenly vanish without a trace like that. You can't even be presumed dead as no evidence that you are hurt has been found either. No body, no blood, no sign you even existed other than your possessions in the house you lived in and such.

What nobody else would know was that you somehow found a way to slip into a different dimension and you are literally lost in paradise. It's a beautiful place full of magic and wonders so you don't mind being lost there. In that place, there is no such thing as time. It's just you in that beautiful place, but you don't have to be lonely. If you want human company, you can just manifest someone you want to hang out with you. They won't be the real thing and will start to fade out after a while, but you can always manifest them back. You're lost in your own beautiful paradise of your own creation, whether it be a tropical beach setting, a magical flowery pixie-dust kind of dimension or just a beautifully haunting dimension.  

Then by the time you finally decide to come back to earth, or you found out how to get back from your beautiful dimension to reality again, you realize years have gone by that you were stuck in that dimension and everyone assumed you've been dead for years or whatnot.  So when you walk out of the house and your neighbors see you or when you contact a friend or pay someone a visit, it's like "HOLY ******* ****!!!!!!!" whenever someone sees you.  Wouldn't that be kind of nice?  To just disappear for a while like that and then come back after a couple of years and shock the living hell out of everyone?
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You took the words straight from my mind. I think the same way!