If Only..

I would love to go to London right now!!

My reasons for wantin to go to London are no actually to be in London but that would be good too.

Reason number 1: My girlfriend left Melbourne the other night to go back to the UK for a couple of weeks,a few days in London then a few days in Scotland..I didn'y go with her because I couldn'y get time off work.

Reason number 2: I would be an hour away from my family in Ireland and I would love to go see them.

Reason number 3: Its been years since I was in London and I reckon it would be really good to see how much its changed.


annabellef annabellef
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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

You would likely not recognize it as it is full of foreigners<br />
also it is now a prime target for terrorists.

its about 20,000 miles..24/25 hour flight

oh girl you eserve it. i wish you could go!how far is london from australia??