Who am I to other people? How do they see me? How do I make them feel? Who can I become? Who will I be? What is the end like?
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Could i give some opinion of mine...(cant say i give answer because different people different view and we never know it)<br />
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1.Who are you to other people?<br />
you must be a good person, at least you think about other mind<br />
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2.How do they see me?<br />
Just a normal person, if we think we are troubling people,we are not..just ourself think so<br />
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3.How do I make them feel?<br />
depend on people..sometimes they deserve it<br />
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4.Who can I become?<br />
you can become a great person...it is all depend on opportunity and how well you know yourself<br />
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5.Who will I be?<br />
depend on you again..it is never too late to change anything<br />
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6.What is the end like?<br />
the end of your life?..well,when you have a character..people will notice you..when it is the end<br />
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ok,i am really sorry ..i dont know you..so i should never say anything that make me more clever than you...who else know better yourself rather than you..it is because i just like giving opinion..and i know people are different ..maybe we are not the same..so i shouldnt give answer if it is i am you..but i am just passing by the page..thanks