Oh I Wish I Could Turn Back Time

Ive always been into the "hippie" generation, my parents were from that time and I just was born too late. Ive been listening to my music, all from back then, and just got to thinking at how much i would love to be able to throw myself back into 1968 at age 18 and live from there. I cant get enough of the generation and the music and the cars and the everything. True its just a dream and theres no way to roll back time but just imagine being there at woodstock with everyone partying and smoking and having a great time in the best of places.... NATURE. Please everyone who shares this relative opinion give me a hollar about it and maybe theres a future woodstock that will actually mean something. I know theres been remakes but none even come close to imatating the original. Thanks everone for listening and caring.  Peace    :>

sarends sarends
Mar 20, 2009