The Bus Ride

The bus ride
I was only seven year’s old living in a foster home. My foster parents had one other foster child a ten year old girl named Lisa. We went to the same school in fact we had all the same teachers. We were the first to be picked up on the bus route so we got up somewhat early to catch it. Our foster parents, June and Eric, let me sleep in the nude. Lisa told me that she also was allowed to sleep in the nude.
Every night before we went to bed, we took our backpacks and put them next to the front door. This way if we were in a hurry we could just grab it and go. The lunches were premade and stored in the fridge. All we had to do was reach in and grab them. Sometime we would have to hurry and barely got out the door in time in order to catch the bus. It was a good set up that let us sleep in a couple of extra minutes once in a while.
One morning we sleep in a little too long. June came running into the room and shook me awake saying “Hurry up! We overslept if you don’t get up now you are going to miss the bus!”
She then went from my room to Lisa’s and woke her up too. I lay in bed looking at the ceiling. I threw the covers off the bed and climbed out of bed. I stood there naked. I stretched and yawned myself awake. I headed toward my dresser when the door opened and June said “We don’t have time! Let’s go! We are running late.”
She took me by the hand and led me to Lisa’s room. Lisa was naked and standing by her dresser when we came in. June took her hand and said “We don’t have any time for that. We are late! We have to go now!”
Lisa said “But.”
June said “No buts young lady. You have to leave now or you will miss the bus. I will not have the two of you miss the bus for anything or for any reason.”
She took us to the front door where our backpacks were. Clipped onto our backpacks were our lunch bags. And an extra small bag with a couple of pop tarts in them. “You can eat the pop tarts on the bus for breakfast. Now grab your bags and go the bus is almost here.”
“But, June.” Lisa pleaded.
June just grabbed our backpacks and opened the door as she said “I told you no buts young lady now get going and catch the bus.”
She handed us our backpacks and she pushed us out the door. We took our backpacks. We did not get a chance to put them on as June grabbed our hands and nearly pulled us to the place where the bus was going to stop. We got there just as the bus pulled up. June said “Have fun at school you two, now get on board that bus. I am glad we made it in time.”
The doors of the bus opened up and she pushed us onto the bus. Lisa had her backpack over her shoulder as she climbed the stairs first. The bus driver stared at her as she climbed up the steps. She did not try to cover herself up as the driver looked at her. She smiled and said “Good morning. Mr. Driver.”
She stood there for a couple of seconds before taking the seat right behind the driver. I climbed the steps and stopped at the top of the steps. The driver looked at me and I said “Good morning Mr. Driver. “
I took the seat opposite of her. After we sat down the bus driver closed the doors and pulled away from the curb. I put my backpack next to the window that way if I wanted to, I could talk to Lisa across the aisle. Lisa and I took a look at each other. We also looked up into the mirror. We could see ourselves in the mirror. Here we were both of us, on the bus with nothing on. We were naked as the day we were born. The only things we had with us were our backpacks. As we drove along the driver occasionally looked back at us in the mirror. He would look Lisa sometime and also at me sometimes. Lisa and I did not cover ourselves up at all.
He made many stops along the way to pick up the kids that we went to school with. None of them were in the same classes as us. Most of the kids stopped for a couple of seconds to stare and the driver let them. He gave each kid about 30 seconds to look at us before saying “Take a seat.”
The bus never did full up all the way but on this day most of the kids were seating near us or were they could look into the mirror. Lisa and I did nothing to stop them looking at us. I looked at Lisa and smiled. She smiled back. I leaned over and whispered “This is kind of fun. “
She nodded, then whispering back to me. “I like it. Maybe we should be almost late for the bus more often.”
I then said “We should act like nothing is wrong. That everything is normal.”
Lisa replied “Yah, we should. I wonder if we can spend the whole day at school like this.”
“I hope so,” I said to her. “We have to stand in front of the entire school today remember.”
“Oh yah,” she said “I almost forgot about that. We won that award for our class papers we did as a team.”
I pulled out my pop tarts and ate my breakfast while Lisa did the same. We arrived at the school. Lisa and I put on our backpacks and after facing the bus driver to waive goodbye, we got off the bus. We walked along the sidewalk getting stares from the students around us. We ignored the stares that the kids were giving us and headed for our classroom. As we entered the school, we started to get stares from teachers as well. We kept walking along with our hands on our backpack straps.
Neither one of us even attempted to cover ourselves up. We made it to our classroom and took our seats. The rest of the class soon came in and noticed us naked. Before they could say anything the bell rang and the teacher, Mrs. Smith came in. She said “Okay class, settle down.”
She sat down at her desk and read off roll call. She then looked over the class and noticed Lisa and me. She then stood up and said “Steven, Lisa, could you please come to the front of the room.”
We stood up and headed for the front of the room. We stood at the front of the room facing the students. Mrs. Smith stood up, walked around us and then looked at us. She then asked “I think the two of you have to go to the principal’s office.”
Lisa turned toward her and asked “Why do we have to go to the principal’s office?” we haven’t done anything wrong.”
I looked at Mrs. Smith and said “We haven’t done anything wrong.”
She just looked at us and then handed us the attendance papers. She said “Just go to the principal’s office. I will let him know you are coming.”
With a sigh we headed toward the office. We walked in the quiet hallway to the office and entered it. Inside was a secretary and behind her was the principal’s office. We handed the attendance papers to the secretary and then sat down to wait for the principal. We did not have to wait long for he soon came out. He took one look at us and said “Come back into my office right now.”
We got off the seats and headed for the office. Once inside he closed the door behind us and looked at us. He asked “Why are the two of you naked?”
I told him what happened that morning with Lisa and me, the fact that our mother got us out of bed in a hurry. The fact that she was in such a rush to get us out of the house that we did not have time to get dressed. We just had to grab our bags and go. He sat down and made a phone call to our foster mom. We did not hear much of the conversation but he did look at us from time to time. He nodded at the end of the call and then hung up the phone.
“Your foster mom June sounds like she was in a bit of a hurry right then. I told her you two were at school naked and she told me that it was okay, that whatever you were wearing was what you were supposed to wear for today’s award ceremony. I repeated myself to her that you two were naked. She then told me that it didn’t matter; the only thing that mattered was that you were at school. I don’t think she understood that you were naked.” he told us.
He then looked at us and said “What am I to do with you two? I can’t have you go back to class in the nude. But, we don’t have any clothes here to let you wear. Your foster mom is not going to help. I also need you to attend the award ceremony today.”
He looked at the clock and saw that it was almost time for the ceremony. He looked back at us and said “Lisa, what do you think I should do concerning you and Steven?”
Lisa looked at me and then at him. She thought about it and said “I think we should go to the ceremony. They are expecting us. We should go just the way we are dressed now.”
“Steven, what about you” he asked me.
“I agree with Lisa. We are getting an award for writing a paper on bravery and doing things that other people wouldn’t. I think this shows us as believing in the words that we have written. We should be allowed to go just as we are dressed now.” I answered.
“All the students in the school will be there. That is almost 500 kids. Not to mention that all the teachers will be there. What about that?” he asked.
“So what?” Lisa replied.
The principal shook his head and said “Okay then, if both of you want to get your award nude in front of the entire school then I will not stop you. However after the event is over you are coming right back here.”
He then got up and led us to the gym. It was packed full of students, teachers, and some media people. We took a place behind some curtains since the principal told us to. The principal took his place at the front of the stage and said “Today we are here to honor two students whose paper on bravery has earned them an award from the school district as one of the best in the district. They are examples of fine writers. They also live what they write. Steven, Lisa, please come forward.”
We stepped out from behind the curtain and walked up to the principal. We turned and faced the crowd. We put our hands behind our bodies and stood there naked in front of everyone. I could see all the cameras were on us. The principal said “These two kids are so brave that they came to school today in the nude. Not wearing anything at all. They stand here unashamed. That is true bravery.”
The crowd cheered at us as we stood there. We both waved at them, but not once did we cover ourselves up. The principal handed our awards to us and then said” this concludes the award ceremony. Please go back to your classes and reflect on what you have seen here today. Reflect on the courage of these two young seven year old first graders.”
He then took us back to his office and called June again. While we were in the office his secretary brought in our backpack. This time June listened to the principal and came to pick us up from school. When she got there she was beet red. She didn’t say anything as she led us to the car and took us home. We had fun that day. We never got sent to school naked again, but we had the awards for bravery.

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This stories made me so hot *blush* imagining myself in ths situation, it a fun story :)

Nice story, but you should put right at the front if you're posting a fantasy story.

Wonderful story.

I would love to go school completely naked for the day.

Great story, thanks!

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me too. I wish I was there. I want to go to nudist places, but i'm single

try going to a nude beach. they dont care if you are single there.