Well Now, Let's See....

I added this to my experiences recently and a very good friend called me on it. She wanted to know exactly why I would say that. I've been thinking about it all day and it's not an easy question to answer.

I am white and, in addition to charm, intelligence, personality, a black womans race adds something exotic, something different, perhaps something that seems erotically mysterious. I don't want to stereotype but my experience with women of color has been different from white women. They've treated me differently. The ones I have known are a bit tougher and certainly don't act as entitled as many white girls. While being strong and self confidant they also have treated me like a man, expect me to be a man, and treat them like a woman. It's hard to explain.

What's easy is the beauty of a brown skinned woman. The taste of sweat kissed from a  black womans skin during vigorous lovemaking. Looking into soft brown eyes when you're close. The look, taste, and feel of large dark brown nipples on a chocolate breast. The close curly black hair on a black womans mons. Folding back soft black petals to find the bright pink hidden inside. The willingness to enjoy expressing sexual pleasure I've experienced with a black woman.

I hope this helps answer your question my friend. It's not terribly articulate and far from complete but perhaps offers some insight.

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Smart girl! <br />
Feels good and good for you too!

lol. so naughty but i like it :)

Oh, you know I'd hit it!<br />
<br />
And I'd watch YouTube too!

LOL. youtube, eh? think i'd get many hits?

I know the "one thing" you been doin'! And I'm waiting to see it on YouTube!

lol. me and my gutter mind, i was thinking about something else. oh yes, still one thing, one person at a time and very satisfied :)

"she's probably more of a one thing at a time person. "

what one thing could that be, lamp? :)

Well now. Still doin' that "one thing"?

maybe some people keep other options open while dealing with a situation, but i doubt she's one of them. she's probably more of a one thing at a time person.

I'm sure she is keeping other options open should she tire of my attitude.

is this how you typically react when you're frustrated? maybe this woman should give you a wide berth until you're feeling more like yourself. maybe she's not the type that would take being dominated very well.

I feel like being a brute today. I wouldn't want to hurt her. But dominate, impose my will, and take what I want? Yes.<br />
See her give in to my desires and satisfy my frustration by taking her for my pleasure.

i'm sure she will be glad to hear that you're still crazy about her, but brute force? you'd better show her how special she is afterwards.

I'm still crazy about this woman. <br />
<br />
But I will say, that when I am angry or hurt or frustrated by her I want to bang her like a cheap drum! Hit it, and hit it hard. A serious grudge-****! Be rough, aggressive, extremely dominant, and relieve my frustration by slamming her hard and deep. Take her, use her, own her.<br />
<br />
Then afterward, when the pain is gone, hold her, love her,and show her how dear and deeply special she is to me.

I have to admit, I'm a distraction. And I wish I was with her too.

she probably wish you were with her now to comfort her and make her purr. she could use the distraction.

She's a smart strong woman herself. Anybody less than that would be overwhelmed with her.<br />
I'm not better, or in control of her, but no less than her equal. And when I get to share her bed I think I can make her purr!

you probably would be the right man and that's exactly what she needs.

That she is. <br />
Do you remember that song? "Are you strong enough to be my man"? This woman needs a strong man, and I think I'm it.

she must be some woman.

Well now. <br />
I have to say it's A black woman, not any black woman, that I refer to. It's because of who she is, the person I know. Her race, to me, adds to her mystique, her eroticism. But fundamentally, it's her, the unique special person I find so desireable. <br />
<br />
Would the reality pale compared to the fantasy? Does finding love pale compared to the desire for it? It's a question we all have to answer for ourselves.

Ahhh.....Still dreamin' that chocolate dream........

Ahhh.....Still dreamin' that chocolate dream........

Black, Brown, High Yeller, they're all Nubian Goddesses. Not Asian.

hmm, yellow woman? i thought you were writing about your desire for a black woman? now you've switched to asian women. you're the rainbow coalition lol

"White Man Blues" ( Rollin' and Tumblin")<br />
<br />
Oh I want that Yellow Woman,<br />
You know I'll take it slow.<br />
<br />
Oh I want that Yellow Woman,<br />
You know I'll take it slow.<br />
<br />
If I had that Yellow Woman,<br />
I'd never let her go.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Sorry. Feelin' the Blues today. Threadjack off.

i agree, there should be no boundaries where love is concerned. it's really sad how unaccepting your family was because of your involvement with a black woman. i think peolpe have become more tolerant over the years but there will always be those who don't approve. and i agree with what you said about if we limit our choices to our own race, we might be missing out on some great people.

I have too....and the worst part? the women being used and mistreated seem to eat it up. But before we stir up a heated debate......I started looking at interracial relationships differently years ago. I was raised in a family, community, and environment that didnt believe in mixing of the races (especially black and white). But out of my own loneliness and desperation to find a true companion and lover, I began to wonder if I limited myself to just "my own kind" could I possibly miss my opportunity at finding true love? I never did totally agree with the seperation of the races mentality, but I avoided it because of the controversy and problems it could cause in a world where it wasnt accepted. I eventually "crossed the line" and fell for a black girl, and the resulting turbulence was dreadful (I was practically disowned by my family too). It didnt work out, but for other reasons, and I learned alot about how love can truly exist between people of different races, cultures, social and economic status', backgrounds, and even religious beliefs. Love truly knows no boundaries.

that's how it should be regardless of the couples races. maybe i shouldn't say this but what the hell; i've known more than a few black men who deliberately seek out white women just because the color of their skin. and, i might add, didn't treat them too well either.

I have seen that alot too, where race was the only real reason (and Ive seen most of those end up a disaster). But I have known interracial couples who are together for companionship and for love......and it is a beautiful thing.

yes, i got the same impression that it was heartfelt. most mixed couples i know are together because they love one another and race wasn't a factor in them getting together, although i have also known people who deliberately seek out mates of a different race. but i don't think i should elaborate on that subject.

Thats true jerrica. I am not against interracial relationships at all as long as the love is real and they arent in it for somekind of "statement". There are good and not so good people in both sexes and in all races/ethnic groups. This was a beautiful story by the way, I could see that it was heartfelt.

looking back at indyjoe's comment, it must have just been the black woman you had experience with because the ones i know aren't prudes by any means lol, and are pretty good at keeping their men satisfied. but i suppose women of all and any race have their do's and don'ts.

A very nice, sweet, sensual story! Please don't worry about disapproving thoughts from others; what matters is that you and the woman you are with are happy!

There are many beautiful black women in the public eye. Halle Berry, Tyra Banks. Michelle Obama is hot! I might even add Condi Rice because I find intelligent women so wonderful.( An older group, but then so am I!)<br />
I agree, perhaps not as mainstream and overmarketed as the Victoria's Secret models.<br />
I also like very, very dark women. Not just cocoa, but black. Very Erotic. And black women with full lips. Once I had the pleasure to kiss a full lipped woman I learned how wonderfully soft and sexy her kisses could be. The perfect DSL's, although I haven't had the pleasure.

I just think this is so hot and flattering becuase the black woman is often not complemented enough. There is the carbon cut out that most white women have to build thier self esteem off of, that you see in cosmo and vanity fair, the waif thin, pale, blond look. and if you have that you know you rock. but there are not much places for black women to look besides essence magazine and thats a strickly black thing. internationally, universally we dont have much praise going on. All that being said i feel very flattered by this. And this sexy black women is totally turned on by all that you just said!!!

Yep. I've known beautiful women that were dim bulbs and expected to be catered to exclusively. All about them.<br />
<br />
And plain girls who were bright, funny, wonderful to be with and astounding in bed.

I admit that I still find "exotic" women attractive, very beautiful to look at. I am reminded of Gaugin and his life in the tropics painting the native women....I used to dream of that kind of life. I am quite happy with my caucasian wife though. I guess its just that we white men often find women of other reaces attractive because they are "different" (not what we are accustomed to), just as there are men of other races who fing caucasion women attractive. Women often find men of a different race attractive as well. Sometimes its purely sexual attraction, sometimes its for cultural differences. But you are right....it all really comes down to what is inside, who the person is.

Yep. You really can't stereotype and I have to agree I see women as women. But given that, I think all people have preferences that attract them. Some guys like blond hair, some girls prefer tall men, you see where I'm going. I tend to like dark women. Intelligence, wit, manners and personality are more important but if I find that package wrapped up in a brown woman, whoopie!<br />
<br />
And spoiling a good woman is always a wise thing. You just have to know a good one from a waste of time.

I can identify with you. I used to have a big interest in asian and polynesian women for the same reasons. I used to date a black woman years ago and actually found her to be no different than the white women. Actually she wasnt as good because she wouldnt do alot of the things a white woman would sexually (but maybe that was just her). Anyway, after that my "interest" in exotic women sort of faded, and I just began seeing women as women regardless of their race or ethnicity.

This is beautiful and honest. I wish you luck in experiencing your wish again.

aww, thank you. i do need some spoiling in my life. it's never a bad thing to spoil us women.

Jer, You're all that and a bag of chips!<br />
Now Goldie, what could you mean?<br />
<br />
You know, if I keep saying nice things I'll spoil you women. Of course with Miss J it might be too late! But then she deserves to be spoiled a little.

Nice. i think your very articulate. very nice. if i say anymore i will get myself in trouble.

LOL. actually i was refering to the story, silly. but if you think that describes me, who am i to argue?

Are you bragging about yourself again? Like I don't know that already!

very sexy, very sensual.