I Like to Claim I Can Fix Anyt...

I like to claim I can fix anything but a broken heart..The reality is I wish I could fix those above all else!
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MnM you are human. We all let our hearts get in the way of our heads sometimes. It takes time but every day gets better. You never forget a broken heart it just fades slowly away. You always learn some valuable lessons though from going thru it.

Thou are wiser than me most of yaz. Sometimes my heart gets in the way of my head I guess!<br />
Thanx all!<br />

Mending broken hearts .....?<br />
My solution?<br />
I forget that my heart is broken and the next thing I know,it has healed itself!<br />
The way to happiness is being able to FORGET what happened yesterday and live in this very moment...<br />
For it may be the last moment we have....<br />
Why waste today on yesterdays bummer?<br />
I refuse to do it.<br />
Laugh and be happy because tomorrow...well you know.<br />

Fixing a broken heart is a fix that has to come within the person who has suffered it. You cannot depend on other to do it for you. They are always there to help in special ways but you have to mend it yourself.

You are reall6y gonna make me be bad arent you ladies. I am reknown for the duct tape fix when it come to certain types of slow learners hahaha<br />
Yea some folks should remember that before snappin at everyone near and dear!

DUCT TAPE! I hear it'll fix anything! ;)<br />
Kidding! Only thing that "helps" is time! Even with "healing" there's a SCAR! And even that little bit of reminder BITES sometimes!!

"Sometimes helping certain folks is like petting a porkypine I'll admit."<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
I HEAR that!<br />
There are now FOUR porkypines sitting in my livingroom stuffing their faces and watching T.V. under my AC.<br />

I'm with you Brute,<br />
We either can make a difference or there is no point to any of it. One person maybe cannot carpet the world but if we all try and do a little the patches of caring goodness will spread . Sometimes helping certain folks is like petting a porkypine I'll admit. But those are the very ones who need it most of all!<br />
I reject the negative reality and substuite my own ! Ha!<br />

may 2007...this is quite an old story!<br />
who says we can't save our own little world? is there a danger in creating too much of our own reality...I have been wondering about that...

Can't save the world, I've tried a million times. Sometimes we have to focus on ourselves first and then the rest falls into place.... baby steps darlin'....