I Wish, Therefore I Try to Do At Least...

"I Wish I Could Help". Don't we all? People all too often lament their inability to do anything of use to the world. And who hasn't thought once that they would love to 'leave their mark on the world'?

i think the problem is that if you look at everything, and i mean EVERYTHING - poverty, starvation, corruption, ignorance, terrorism, global warming, anorexia, materialism, etc - then obviously you're going to feel overwhelmed. its all too much. you're just one tiny insignificant person, in a world drowning in problems. you have bills to pay. school/a job to focus on. friends who need your attention. family asking you for help. a house to keep clean. chores/errands to complete. and we haven't even moved on to your emotional needs and wants yet!

so what can we do? can we do anything?

i think the answer's yes. because if it was no, then we would have all given up and died a long time ago. because cures for diseases would never have been discovered. an anorexic teenage girl wouldn't have recieved help. a man wouldn't have stopped to talk to a coworker depressed after his divorce. we wouldn't be here.

i suppose we all have to "help" in our own different ways. what i believe is the way to go about solving a problem wouldn't necessarily be the way you would do it. it could be the total opposite! i could go on about ways to help/solve a particular problem, and some of you may think i'm being condescending or superior. i might be oversimplifing problems, or even exaggerating them (i'm only human!). but, my point is that feeling helpless and insignificant won't ever help. anyone or anything. the main idea is to do something. just one thing a day maybe, something to help out. so we could stop wishing and start doing.

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2 Responses May 12, 2007

I couldn't agree with you more! You are an enlightened and wonderful human being! As existentialists put it: You are what you do. or something alike.

I like that story a "LOT" I try to practice this at a certain level and am somewhat of a clown in a attempt to bring smiles to others. Unfortunately i have "MY" dark side too. But s you say we all have our cross to bear and the less time we spend bemoaning our load and helping others. The lighter it gets. <br />
At any rate goodo story!