As I Look Over At Her~sleeping, Nude, Sick And Looking Sweet~

as even the meanest people look when they are sleeping , I wonder `How long will it take her to heal this time? I'm giving her my best healing rites and intentions but it has been 5 days now...She doesn't want to be in hospital . Doesn't want people who dont care about her taking care of her ,talking at her , seeing her naked , not listening to her. I innerstand ~I also wonder whether the robes the hospital has patients wear are good for healing ~I'm mean, we were born naked , natural and sexual too, so wouldnt it stand to reason that when a person is out of physical alignment because of some Dis-ease or Spiritual imbalance that we would only help them by closley creating that state of life where everything was in balance~where allowing your skin to breathe away toxins and soak in the Sun's and Moons Healing rays would create an even better chance at regaining health ? Ever more quickly? With less side effects of drugs meant to help but ...those side effect lists can be pretty long~after this nap I will give her a few ounces of my expressed breast milk .She is 31 yrs old and yet this healing milk and a slow walk naked outside once the sun goes down is my course of treatment for tonight~I'm also actively releasing her from any binds/judgment  that I may have unintentionally put on her in my hurt and anger over the last few months...forgiveness Heals too...and acceptance ~of who we are ~to one another ~and who we are not ~and to ourselves ~we are wonderful and good and healthy when we are spiritually sound and lovingly acknowleged ~nudity during illness can remind the soul of the vibration of balance and lifes very own acknowledgement and of course reflect more health and wellness into the seeker of renewed life ~even the sexual nature in all of us is life force energy~ isnt life force energy exaclty what is needed when one can not sum up the will to heal themselves~by themselves~to introduce the craving of connections and of life  ~could only help ~I'm sure that the nurses and doctors who are taught that real empathy for patients is not to their advantage, mean well but the real proof is in the distance ~in the limited healing energy interactions created by white jackets and hosptial gowns~ cold hands~and hardened hearts~ I think its time for us all to be naked and heal one another ~Sending Love~
StellarF StellarF
31-35, F
May 15, 2012