Wishing For Happiness

I have no reason to be unhappy...I have my life that I have always wanted...I have my children, my family, and few close friends...Everything has really worked out the way I always asked it too...and now that I have everything I always wanted, I want more...not sure what, how to get it, or where to get it, but I am just not happy anymore...I want more, I want to have fun, live life and be me...I wish I could just be happy with what i have, and stop hurting and feeling like something is missing!
jen jen
26-30, F
3 Responses Nov 29, 2006

Sounds like me. I dont have children though. But I feel empty inside.

Why is that, how do we get rid of that feeling of emptiness? I really wish someone could tell me.

I sure know how that feels, even when you have the things you want, there is still that feeling of emptiness.