I realize life is what you make of it. But sometimes I really wish I could have some do overs. And better judgement. Everything moved so fast for me. I was going to get married last november, but I got pregnant and put it off til this june. After that what's left to do. I always pictured it in a different order. Get married,move in , few years later start a family. Spread the events out a bit. Now whats next. i hate my job but have to stick it out for a few more years because I have to schedule things around my child. Babysitters, doctor visits, school, etc... I need something to look forward to. For me.
Luci Luci
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I completely agree with cathyandvern. The should'a, could'a, would'as only come back to bite you in the behind. Move on, and don't have regrets, just learn from those experiences and make sure you redirect yourself to what you want in life. But remember life doesn't usually go as you "pictured it", you need to go with the flow too, or you will always been disappointed. Enjoy the smaller moments, this is what happiness is.

I am a Mom of 4 , My Husband and I <br />
had one child after another, it caused health problems, financial difficulties and<br />
now we are losing our home. We have decided to do a DO OVER! So I understand<br />
what you are saying, but if you want to start over, there is a way. Live your life<br />
the way you want! Accept things for what they are right now, you cannot change your past, its done. Now (and I <br />
did this myself) Your dwelling on the shoulda, woulda coulda's, it stinks I know. But you do have a say in how your future is going to go- so go for it<br />
call a DO OVER!! Its so weird I came across your message at this time in my life when I am experiencing what you <br />
wrote about. I feel ya! Good Luck to You!