I Used to Be

I used to be happy

i never had regrets

or had to ask for second chances

i believed in true love

i liked school

i looooved to play sports

i liked making good first impressions

i liked helping people



im not as happy

i don't care what people think about me

i hate running or playing most sports

i hate school

i make tons of mistakes everyday

i dont try as much as i should


i've messed up

by breaking points: i got expelled (but on probitionary reinstatement) for smoking weed on a school field trip to nashville tennessee, me and my boyfriend of a year broke up, and he started dating another girl three weeks later, my dad is still in jail, i don't like my step-dad, i tore my achilles, i drink, i lie, im not honest with myself, i dont respect my body.


im more attractive, popular, and people like me more than i ever before.  i get attention all the time and i know people love me. but i feel like **** all the time. i wish i had someone to lean on once and a while, someone to say woooah i know what you mean, let's work through it together

hayleymeike hayleymeike
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 3, 2007

damn i understand you soo much, seriously, i f**ked up big time, i don't care about my hair and make up anymore, and i used to, i could never go out without my hair done and my make up on. I don't care if i don't see any of my friends for days on end. I dont care what people think when i yell at them, i just don't care, i dont care about my body, i used to eat quite alot but exercise alot now i don't eat enuff, like 1 meal a day and thats it and i started smoking and don't do proper exercise...i cant see me ever being the same again but ive been told i will so im tryin to believe it<br />
xxx talk to me about anything anytime, always ere xxxx