What Changed U?

my name is sabrina and am 21 i got a baby girl 1 year and am just guna tell how pepole change so fast . well here we go i meet this boy his name was richard reed and he has brown eyes dark black hair very nice person i left college and went on jobcenter and then the jobcenter told me i have to go to this course for 4 weeks so i did tht and my frist time i come late in the class and then i asked is this the right class room 1c lol and the teacher said yes come in so i did and then i signed but richard was just looking at me ans smiling and then the teacher told me to sit where i like so i looked around and i was thinking hmm should i sit next to him or should i sit next to thie older pepole lol hmm so i did i seat next to this old man he had a bad breath but i didnt care alist i didnt sit next to richard coz he was so hot hot and then i was playing on me phone and he was reading a paper and every 2 sec he looked up and smiled at me i was like wtf i dnt wana look at him but i did haha so it was break and then i didt have no 1 i just went to get me self a drink and a choclate and then i seen him on the phone so i went can i ask ya where the computer room is so he switched off the phone just to talk to me and then he said il come with u i said oh thanks ;) so we went to the computer room and he asked me to sit next to him so i dnt have to be alone and i did and he was so shy but then i start flirting with him and then i said u got so nice eye and looked at him and he said so do u haha and then he had this london jeans it was so lush i told him i like them and then he smiled and said thanks and then it was lunch time so i went u wana come and get some food he was like i dnt have money i was like il get u sumthink so we went in town i got him some food and he was so happy and then i was still flirting i asked him has he got a girlfreind he said No ! so we went bk to the class and then the lasses in the class fancined him but he didnt want them he wanted me but frist the lass goes to me u do know richard has a girlfireind i was like WHAT? has he she says yes her name is Dee i was like ook but i was not happy so i asked him he says yes i do but didnt wana tell u coz incase u didnt wana talk to me no more so i said ok lol so then i didnt flirt with him coz he has a gf but he asked me if i wana go for a walk i said ok why not and then he taken me around the bulding and kissed me it was so nice and then i wanted to hold his hand but he was scared incase she come haha so we went bk to the class and then we were holding each others hands and giving each other kisses so he said am leaving dee , every1 were so jelouse but we didnt care coz out love was stronger then anythink so then next day i said Richard choose me or Dee he said ok and then it was home time and we were going together to the bus stop and she was waiting there and she looked at me and she start shouting at him i was so upset and missed me already but i was like wtf he will choose her i know tht he loves her he been with her 2years tht is long time so i went home i was just thinking and praying please choose me or il never go bk there coz il be so upset lol so next morning i got up went to primark to get sum new clothes so i can be nice for him i was late like 20 min lol so i come in then i seen him smilling and every1 goes here she comes and he just smiled and huged me so i was like and .... and he was like ermm i choose YOU i was so happy i kissed him but then i got wrong hahaha and then he said but i didnt leave her coz it her birthday today il do it tomz i said dont care alist i know u want me :) so then from that day we were so happy and i would never change a think about it am guna write a book about this coz it makes me smile when i talk abut it richard il alsways love u ......!
ssabrinarichard00 ssabrinarichard00
Nov 27, 2012