I cant even remember  the last time i was happy. I mean, i usto love life! I usto look at people who wanted suicide like, u are crazy. I just dont know what happend to that sparkle in me? Now i cut myself and i am struggling with bulemia. Im on anti-depressents, ive seen theripists, but no one understands me, and nothing works. Any advice?
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it sounds like ur punishing urself for something,<br />
ur truly not responsible for.forgive urself and love<br />
"you" again.we are only responsible for our own<br />
self and not anyone else's lives.stop blaming urself and<br />
surround urself by the people who love and need u.

half the time people comment on your things and what they say you have to wonder if they really mean it<br />
<br />
or maybe i'm the only one who thinks that way.<br />
<br />
you sound where i am, and kinda where i was. i'm not trying to sound like a ***** but i'm real and i won't sugar coat anything.<br />
<br />
im a good listner if you need someone to vent to.

Of course you can find support here too :) we are here for you, just write to us if you need to talk :D Good luck! Stay strong

not all antidepressants work for everyone. And it takes awhile for the drug to build up in the bloodstream as well, so it may just be it needs a little more time. Be honest with your therapist about how you are feeling, and hopefully you can find some support here too. find something you are enthusiastic about and pursue it. Best wishes to you.