She's Like The Wind

You asked my friends and they would tell you that I can easily  vanished without anyone finding me. Disappearing is my only option to flee from my problems.  I feel that my disappearance will make the world a better place because I believe in my lifetime I have few things to offer for the society. So if I get the chance to disappear I want to become the wind since no one can see you but can feel you and I will give you relief and comfort with the cool breeze I create. That way I've done something worthwhile;)

Dumstey Dumstey
18-21, F
9 Responses Mar 29, 2010

@beautituelip Yah you go girl;D

i'll take the suggestion too :) <br />
step to maturity..

@XoDee yah there is nithing wrong if I asked people:)<br />
and damn your right girl the life can be abig ****** job<br />
thank for your comment and concern xoDee:)

Dumstey,<br />
eventually running...makes u run out of one trusts you anymore..feels like no one cares. Your all alone at night and eventually addiction can feel that void...addiciton of all not saying that you will get that low but i ran and ran and ran when i was your age. I got caught up in false hopes and dreams and desires that would disgust most people. Life is a big ******* job and it never stays perfect for long...but struggle equals strength and wisdom stems from that. Try to accept the help even if you feel you dont need it..people can be here for ya if you ever need to talk..XoDee

@echo101 yah sooner or later I must take it maturely<br />
thank u for your comment:)

@beautituelip<br />
hmmm... good idea! We can use it as a disguise;) lol

@Dumstey: &hearts; haha..<br />
how can i hiding my face?..wear big glasses?

@beautituelip yah;) will vanish together heheh:))

me too...i wish i could be Sue Storm in Fantastic Four..vanished whenever i want..