Planning Something..

I Love my Family, I love my life..for the most part...I just need to do something sometimes by myself without having to be accounted for..every sec that I'm gone my husband is waiting for me..But this year I set up all my time off for the year and I requested a day off in March..that no one knows I have off..I am pretty excited..I am gunna get up that morning get ready for "work" and take a long drive to the boarder and spend the day playing and gambling having a good time..takes only 2 hrs to drive there..and back..I hope this will satisfy my need to get away for a bit...dunno what i'll do if it doesnt..
LadyLindsey LadyLindsey
26-30, F
4 Responses Feb 15, 2011

I feel the same way most of the time these days Lindsey. Just wish I could get away and not have to worry about anything in my normal everyday life..

I think we all have a need to just get away occasionally, away from the daily grind. I'm with S33, I head off to the mountains in CA whenever I need that time alone. Being so close to the mountains, you should try to find time to get up in them and spend that time enjoying nature. Much better than an enclosed casino, or least I think so... However, do not despair about wanting time to yourself, we all do it on occasion.

Yea..I love most things my addictions..but still have the personality...need to start being more active outdoors..just gunna do a day trip. :)

Gambling huh? Its been a while since I have gone, sometimes you just gotta get away!!!! I get away by sneaking into the mountains or going kayaking.... It sucks though I dont hang out with a lot of people who are into things like that....