Sound Crazy?

Well, maybe it is, but what I'm talking about is something every committed, married man out there knows about.  We love our wives, we would never choose someone else to be married to, they are wonderful mothers to our children, and we will definitely never cheat on them.  We have experienced mind-blowing, hot sex with them, and over time it's still good, but realistically the experience simply can't compare to what it used to be (and they feel the same way).  Being happily married is tremendous, and it's something so many people never have the chance to experience, and we know and feel fortunate to have that.

All of that is wonderful, but along with it comes the biological imperative inherited from the past that says "notice that girl's tattoo and hot bod, and figure out how you can flirt with her, get her naked, and nail her".  To make things worse, women we know subtly come on to us, or flat out say they want to have an affair!  For Pete's sake, enough is too much. 

And that is the distraction, and because you can never (for the rest of your entire ******* life) act on it, that is the physical, gnawing aggravation I am talking about ending when I say, "I wish I could kill my libido".

GuiltyofNothing GuiltyofNothing
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3 Responses May 24, 2007

Wanna kill your libido? Wait until you find out your wife is in a long-term affair with another man, says she loves you but doesn't want to touch you anymore. You'll never want to look at a woman again.

I wish I could say I never "acted on it" but then I did.....and it's not as awful as it I can't imagine life without my "other" man. Monogamy is only politically my opinion

but not nearly as much fun!