Its A Dream......for Now

When I escape to my dream world its not so much a fantasy as it is a reality I haven't achieved yet.. I picture my husband naikeca and I living in a nice cozy double wide baby blue trailer home on our own piece of land in Switzerland yes it gets cold in winter but inside our house is warm we have a little flower garden out front and a vegetable garden in the back the grass around us is tall just enough to hide my feet in it and its green and soft, we have a perfect view of peaceful mountains and we are a few miles away from town there is also a secret spot in a nearby forest where there is a little river that we relax and swim in anytime we feel stressed, but ofc we would need money to accomplish these things, so our occupations will at that time be and executive sous chef at a tourist attraction hotel for me and a computer programmer for him or at least run the hotel computers since I couldn't bear the thought of being away from him too long lol there my dream world is merely my desire for the.future
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Fairy tales are fun, right ?

why do you hate my relationship????

Well, I don't 'hate it', but you do sound scarily like a young girl who is scratching and clawing at something that has very little ( if any) basis in reality,and it saddens me. ( Ok?)
However, i do love your very first sentence here, and that makes the whole essay easier to swallow.

i see what you mean im sorry :(

TY,I accept your apology! You do seem like a lovely Girl, hence my concern. Glad you understand.....

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