What Goes Around - Does Indeed Come Around

Case in point: My wife and I went through a bitter divorce many years ago. I did not see my daughter since her first birthday. A few years after the divorce, I tried to see my daughter but was refused by my “ex”. Over the next dozen or so years, my “ex” tried to hide my existence from my daughter. At the age of 16, my daughter somehow found my address and began to write me. She had to do it “on the sly” as her mother did not approve of my daughter and I having any kind of a relationship. She phoned and wrote me several times. Several years later, she (my daughter) committed suicide. It seems to be that this happened for a reason. My “ex” denied me the pleasure of knowing my own daughter for many years and today, she too knows what it’s like not to have her daughter as part of her life. What a heck of a way to realize the pain you gave someone else, is now your own pain. The one who suffered worse in all of this, though, was my daughter.

Do unto other as you would have them do unto you ….
sakamato sakamato
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1 Response Mar 3, 2007

i really feel it may god help u recover in all this pain