Maybe *someday*

THIS is definately NOT the life I see for 'myself'.... I say that because I feel like most times Im living MY life, FOR others.

Would be so nice to live a life free of pain, frustrations, negativities, regrets, and stress.  You know... the impossible.

Im not saying THAT is what I want, I know that is like grasping for straws that arent even there. But.... it sure would be nice to live my life w/o having to deal with ALL of those, on a daily basis.

Alot of times, I feel as tho my life isnt mine. I lost a HUGE part of it in the past few years, and God-willing...  I will have 'me' and 'my life' back again someday.

SweetHoney SweetHoney
1 Response May 6, 2008

WOW, I really feel what your saying. I try to focus on one thing that I absolutely love and I put my energy in it and selfishly. Specially when I feel like my life is here for others. And when I feel like I've been selfish enough, I resurface to go on with the same o'same o'.<br />
Life is about moments. The best moments are the ones that make your life worht living.