There Is No Way In This World ...

There is no way in this world i will make him happy because he is to set in his ways to share himself with many women that he can while he is still alive.....  The only way i figure is to make him happy is to let him go and yes i left that relationship october 2006.  Today he is online still trying to have an affair with me which i chose not to even waste my time with him at all due to the fact i know that while i was with him im sure that he did the same thing to his ex's .... what a guy! i aint falling for that trick.. he just goes to show me what he use to do when i was with him..... just what i supsected... **** of dude! Nobody will make you happy because your to self centered and this world only revolves around you!
JayzAngel JayzAngel
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4 Responses Feb 4, 2007

alright now~you tell him

True with your comments... I now met my Jay. As for my past..... nope i am and will not look back! We can do it! Just that it takes time!... i did it an anyone can!

He will never get what he wants out of life. He will probably end up depressed and try to cover that up by going after other women. It is good you got rid of him. You can now get back to what you want in life.

No love-denial here!! I like your attitude, sister!! Let the egotistical whoremonger play elsewhere!!