Till Death Do Us Part..

I haven't read many stories which describe my situation, so I wasn't sure where it fits in. I will begin here..After two years it has ended but this is no ordinary break up. We are hanging on by a thread that will either wear away from the pressure or we will be forced to cut it. Love can overcome many things but how do you beat death.

He is my best friend, my conscience my guide and my forbidden love. In these two years we have supported one another, made each other laugh and cry. I was able to be myself around him, he didn't judge me. We were both unsure of our direction in life and waiting for something amazing to happen. It did. From that day everything changed. There are all these cheesy cliches about love but you never know just how true they are until you experience them firsthand. It isn't limited to just one age or gender

As we have progressed further into the relationship we notice certain things. He had bad headaches and was in and out of hospital a lot. We spoke about it as it became more frequent. He assured me that he was well and just needed check ups for general health. Deep down I knew he was holding something back but I continued as normal. We fell deeper in love and shared our problems. He has a family history of terminal illness and has lost three members of his family due to this. Unfortunately, a few days ago he decided to end it. I was distraught, we were fighting a lot at this time and were so busy with our responsibilities that we didn't have time to spend together. I really regret that now, we won't ever meet again. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for him to finish it . He is unwell and his symptoms have begun to show. I wish he would tell me how long, if he knows.

My bf has told me to move on and to forget him, I can't think of another man, all I picture is replays of Katy Perry's 'Thinking of you.'. How do I just erase those two years and all those memories. Everything is a reminder of him. It will be one of the hardest things I have ever faced but I have to be strong for us. After days of arguing I have decided to stick by him...'come what may'. I will remind him of the funny, warm, amazing guy I fell in love with and not let him break. I don't know how long we have left but will make every moment count and pray everyday that today is not that day. We were never going to be accepted because of religious reasons we weren't ever going to marry but I never thought 'till death do us part' would come so soon.

I love you Xx
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Don't worry about how much time you have left, just make every moment you spend together special, so after he is gone you have positive memories you can use, to help you overcome the grief and pain of your loss. My prayers are with you both.

It is the quality of your love not length of time.
Best to praise for the time you had or have together.
Never forget him, never regret any part of our journey.