Looking For a Nudge In the Right Direction

so many ppl have stories of heart-wrenching suffering and hardship, and have so many problems of so many kinds - psychological, emotional, physical, etc - that continue to have an adverse effect on their life and their enjoyment of it. so many ppl are so hurt and broken. i can almost feel their pain through every word they've written.

i don't think that anyone could really deserve the horrible things that have happened to some ppl here. when i read their warm, encouraging comments to others on the EP, i really feel like crying sometimes. they've survived so much, and now are giving so much to others. INSPIRATIONAL.

i want to close the wounds that won't heal, wipe the memories that plague them, and mute the voices that won't fade away. how much pain can a human hold inside?

i don't know what to say sometimes. maybe there's nothing that can be said. or maybe they need to hear something i don't know they want to hear. maybe i'm missing the point altogther. i hope that i have given a little comfort to one person. b/c one person would mean the world to me.

BowsAndBones BowsAndBones
18-21, F
Jul 24, 2007