He Cuts

One of my friends (who I wish was more than a friend, but I don't have any courage whatsoever) cuts himself. His friends are not very supportive. I wish there was something I could do, but I don't even know why he does it. It hurts me, too, because I care for him so much, and I feel that the part of him that cuts is someone I don't know.
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1 Response Jul 24, 2007

when he does this, walk up to him, put your hand on his shoulder, look him in the eyes, and tell him how you really fee. Tell him that every time he cuts, you hurt for him. That there's a part of you that hurts when he does that. Wash his wounds with a warm washcloth, soap, and hot water. Do it gently, letting your care pour out in the way you treat his cuts. Remember to tell him you love him, because there may be a time where you won't be able to tell him that.