Lifetime Happiness

I would full fill your heart

With feelings of admiration

courage and hope.

I would give you my friendships

Who would treasure you more than gold

I would make you see yourself

A beautiful and special soul

Inner and out

I would show you my heart

Pure love

That is always pretty

I would give you all the satisfaction

A kind of sweet, calm and intimate

That comes in your heart and stay

I would give you dreams

That would become true

I would give you joy

To live every moment of life

I would make you understand

How unique, worth and special you are

I would remind you that the sun could disappear

But never be erased from the sky

I would give you my happiness

So you could smile forever.


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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

That was lovely, Princess! And by writing those lines, you gave me a bit of what you said you wished to. Thank you!

What a lovely poem my friend. you are such a precious soul :)<br />
namaste,<br />