My Husband

I wish he knew how I really feel inside. He works, goes to college and sleeps when hes home. Most of the time he yells at me when he is awake, and acts like he dont want me around. But says he loves me and wants me. I try to understand where his coming from. He is just trying to pay the bills and have a better future. But it makes me feel bad about myself. I feel so lonely. I have no friends so I cant do anything with them. I feel like a bother to him, like all I do is get in his way. Im just a 3rd wheel in his life.When I tell him how I feel, its like he dont even care. He blames me for everything and says I blame him for everything. I am so lost.
AvaLynne AvaLynne
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I hope things have gotten better for you. Men including myself can take our wives for granted, most of the time we don't mean to it jist hsppens and a lot ofus don't realize when we do. I hope he has figured out he has a beautiful woman who loves him and he makes the right decisions to make you happy.

You sounds so sad and dispirited. Have things gotten any better or worse in the past few months? You need some friends with similar interests and a new compass.