Would Be Loads Of Fun

if i had the chance to meet my friends on ep in real life i would hop the gun and have a blast. though i hope they could look past my physical aperance (im not the most muscular guy, but i am not very fat either. or the most handsome but i dont view myself as ugly) if we met we would have loads of fun.
Shadowwalker256 Shadowwalker256
18-21, M
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WEll dude if anyone does make fun of your appearance you have a ton of other friends backing you up.

well thanks man

Sounds like quite a few honest female friends of yours think you're good-looking. It doesn't sound like anyone would have a problem with your appearance.

That would be cool. And no one would make fun of you for your appearance.

ik........i just dont realy view my aperance very highly

But people on EP don't mind how you look, especially your friends.

well...........its just complicated

Well, we'll see if I would mind if we ever meet. I doubt I would mind.

if we ever meet........

Yeah. Wouldn't that be nice? What state do you live in anyway?

message me, i dont like giving personal information publicly

Oh, right. Sorry.

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