Meeting an EP friend in person!...AWSOME : )

It would be the greatest thing to me if i met an EP friend i have made  ...that we got to actualy got to meet in person :  ) , it would be so much fun getting the chance to  talk and share each others company face to face... after we have chatted online getting to know all about each other.......i would love that.......that would be AWSOME : ).....i hope it happens  :  )
funluvinguy funluvinguy
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There is one very special EP friend of mine on here that i have know for a long time.....she is the sweetest girl....i love every time we chat ..and i miss her when we do not....i really hope we can meet in person as i would love to be able to hold her in my arms.....i know that would make both of us very happy if that happend! :D

i have never met any of my EP friends...i'm hoping it happens sometime...i hope you and i can get to be great friends...and maybee something can work out..... you sound like a very nice guy....which i am the same....very down to earth...laid back with a great personality....i would enjoy meeting you face to face: )

Hopefully FunLuvinguy that will work out, that we become great friends, and can meet in person one day!!!!! :)

I would realy like for that to happen.... my real name is Dan: )

Hi Dan, I am Bill, and it is very nice meeting you new friend!!!!! :)

Hi Bill , it's very nice meeting you....i realy like having you as a new friend of mine......i would like us to get to know each other very well!!!!! : )

Well, it seems like we are working on getting to know each other quite a bit today!!!!! I am certainly enjoying your company new friend!!!! :)

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My friend, it is an awesome feeling meeting your EP friends!!! I have met a couple, and it has been so very interesting, in fact, one of the guys and I have become very good friends!!! I hope that this will materialize for you very soon!!!!! :)