I Have!

In the last 3 weeks, I have met two different ep friends in person...one lives about 2 miles North of me and the other one lives about 6 miles South of me...had fun both times! :)
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that is so cool...wish I could get that to happen to me

I'm in Kissimmee Florida 3 hours away

Were you able to suck either one of their *****?

yes...both :)

You are so lucky!

You need to drive an hour or so South of you to Fort Myers, there are several in our area!!!! :)

interesting...you're not far-have you met some?

Yes, I have met a couple, and have plans to meet more as soon as the busy Holidays are over, and life gets a bit more back to "normal"!!!! :)

I like Ft Myers and its not far...let me know when life gets back to normal...maybe we can meet up for a drink somewhere?

Hi Bacchanal, that sounds great!!! Thank you for the reply, and I am always up for a drink!!!!! :)

Cool...I'm off the week between Christmas and New Years...wasn't planning to head down your way but I just might...

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You're lucky your EP friends live so close to you.

ya....I love Florida!

Yep, I have quite a few friends that live down there. Too far away though.