I Did Meet An Ep Friend

I actually did meet a long time EP friend, PHSensei. We are both CDs, and share a love for better quality pantyhose. I will mention too, that we are both straight, i.e. we like women, so nothing happened other than getting together for a couple of drinks and talking.

It was very cool, however. A couple of women know that I crossdress, but PHSensei was the first guy who's met me knowing I'm a CDer.

We met in Seattle, had a couple of drinks at a local watering hole. We talked extensively about CDing and pantyhose in particular. I'm glad we got the chance to put faces to nylon covered legs! LOL!!
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

:-) I think that is so wonderful, wish I come meet someone who lived close to me and shared the same interests as I do

I'm sure it's a possibility. It's a matter of getting to know someone who lives in your area, and building trust.

Well thats the hard part, Don't know anyone around here that is, and theres no one on here that lives close. Your the first CD's that have same they live in seattle, But thats 6 hrs away lol