Wouldn't It Be Great To Meet People You Have Only Chatted Online With?

Now I have been on EP for awhile now and recently became more active on it. I have found writing stories to be a great way to communicate things about myself and for people to respond and interact with me. But, what I would really like is to meet some of the people I chat with on a regular basis on here.

I think I would want to meet them indivually, as everyone has different interests and I would find it very interesting to see what they are like in person. Some people I chat with I think their lives are interesting in comparison to mine. Others I would want to know more about their hobbies and what they do for fun.

Quite frankly there are also a few men on here I would love to meet in person to see if they are like how I imagine they might be. No this isn't a singles place or a dating site but a few of the single men I have chatted with? Oh I would love to meet since the conversations are great online. Would it be the same in person?

Now the women I meet (virtually) would end up being some of my closest friends and I can tell by how we relate and talk to one another I cherish my close friendships with women. We have our own perspective on life. So these would be friends for my lifetime.

So I think I could imagine what we would do when we first met; anyone the friends or single men, I would give you a great big hug because you have shared part of your life with me as I have done with mine. Then we would do whatever it is we have in common, be it a hike, talking, having a great meal or whatever suits the occasion.

Now don't you think this would be a great thing to be able to do?
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sounds like it worked out great for you! I usually voice or video chat on yah00 first ..allways wanted to meet a dancer!

Meeting you in person turned out to be the greatest meeting of my life !!!!! So i would have to say it is a wonderful idea for people to connect. It sure made me a very lucky man!!!

I think you are right because had it not been for the internet we would never have met and now? I cannot imagine life without you. :-)

Over the years I have developed many long-distance online friends with whom I have chatted, exchanged e-mail with and many times I have talked to them on the phone. There always seem to be a certain amount of chemistry or mutual attraction but because the distance we were apart there was never any realistic expectation that we would ever meet in person. However, due to circumstances of their travel or my travel I have had the opportunity to meet several of them in person and when I did meet them it reinforced the positive feelings that we had developed in our long-distance correspondence.
Once I was attending a professional meeting in New Orleans and a friend from Pensacola joined me there for a couple of days. On another occasion I had a meeting in Baltimore and also met with an online friend will there. On another occasion a friend from Western Pennsylvania was visiting this area and we had an opportunity to see each other. Three or four years ago I was traveling to Chicago and a friend of mine who lived in Rhode Island was spending some time and Charleston, West Virginia and that was a convenient overnight stop for me on that trip. When I began corresponding with these people there was no expectation that we would ever meet however circumstances developed which allowed us to see each other and those meetings were always quite positive and reinforced by overall impression of my friends.

Wow you are very lucky to have met so many different of your online friends. Many people cannot travel as much so they do not get to meet other people like that. I would love to meet some of my friends out of the country as well. Thanks for sharing this it was great!

Thanks for your great comment!

You are very welcome!

Kathleen I have thought the same thing. Not with many of the people I have met here but a couple. I hope that will come true someday. :)

Isnt it amazing how much you find out about people? Through chats and emails. Plus the common interests you share...Like Star Trek huh Mark? :-)

Oh absolutely! Thats part of the joy of making new friends isn't it?

There are certainly SOME people here I would love to meet in person. There are others, however, I would not. I also wonder how many people would be self-conscious about meeting. After all, when we only know someone online, we can create an image of them that might not be accurate. Those people may be hesitant about meeting for fear that they will not measure up to our expectations. For the nice people with whom I've communicated, however, it would not matter one bit to me.

I agree there are some people I would pass on meeting as well. I wonder about the self conscious part....interesting.....yes you do create an image of someone...especially if they provide no picture. Thanks for your comments...thought provoking!