I Can't Paint!?!

I am a painter, an artist, I mean really. I have a fine art degree and I compete, win my share of awards, I teach classes. It is my profession and my passion, but I can't find my inspiration. My husband died and the shock of it still lingers, I have lost my passion. I am uncomfortably numb (was going to be my name on this sight but it was too many letters. It is from an old Pink floyd song.) I started one a drip painting in the color of blood but it is so morose! I have done class demo paintings and class prepartin paintings but nothing for me. I sit here on the stupid computer while my studio getts more piles of stuff on the work tables. 

sadlynumb sadlynumb
2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Do you have museums or galleries in your area?<br />
Maybe enjoying the work of other artists would be inspiring for now.

I am sorry you have lost your husband and your passion. <br><br />
Don't beat yourself up too much about the painting. It will come back to you. <br><br />
Some people are under the impression that art is always created by some angst-ridden artist. I don't believe that. Depression can affect anyone's work, no matter what their profession. I find my best art work comes when there is peace and happiness in my life.<br><br />
<br><br />
And you will find peace soon too. Keep reaching out and let others help you through this.