However, I do not practice so I will never be able to.
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Yeah, that's pretty normal. I should practice more on my instruments too, but I just...can't be asked if there's no show to work towards or anything.

A realistic perspective.

yep, no denial here.

Haha yeah. :P

I just remembered though there was a guy who had a brain injury and then was suddenly able to play the piano well. Please do not get a brain injury though.

I've heard of stories like that as well. People who had strokes or some type of trauma, then wake up able to learn languages in a day, and draw very well.

I think it has something to do with the brain just restructuring itself and it lends itself to making different tasks easier like idiot savants. There are some things I thought were difficult and then after a good sleep they suddenly seemed easier. I think the brain is teaching itself in dreams.

lol maybe.

Hahahaha. I love your post. Strive to do something you enjoy instead.

I do enjoy music though.

I enjoy music so I listen to it. lol. I have played instruments when I was younger. I found it was too much effort for to little reward.

Im listening to music right now. I did play when I was younger and I did enjoy it though. I want to play piano now but cant stick to it.

What are you listening to? I listened to some old bosstones songs and now lynyrd skynyrd. Doesn't flow but that's what youtube gave me lol.

lol. kenny g

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