Putting My Life In a Bottle

In every persons life there is a collage of people who, however long or short have contributed to that person's development. My life is no exception to this rule. Many people, good or bad have been involved with my life.I wish that I could put time in a bottle.

Looking back at all the people who have shaped and inspired me to become the person I am today. Only makes me realize how valuable human companionship truely is. I would put each story in a bottle so that someone could open it years from now and  "meet" the people in my life.

This was their contributions: 1) strength: I got from my mother,believe it or not although she was not a good mother she taught me how to stand on my own,and to fight for the right of each day.

 2) courage:I learned from my siblings, knowing that each day we were there for each other.

3)Integrity: I learned from my father, He taught me there were no shortcuts to earning a living, He values honesty,and always lends a helping hand.

4) knowledge: This was contributed by many people. MY Junior year English teacher who inspired my love of reading but also inspired my burgeoning adulthood by believing I could put my past behind me.My grandmother who encouraged me not only t finish high school but also taught me about basic home skills.

5) compassion and forgiveness: I learned these from my friends and my bad relationships. You really do learn how to treat others, if by only knowing how YOU did'nt like to be treated. You also learn forgiveness  from friends that really accept who you are.

6) True love or unconditional love: My children have always stood by me and lthough they are adults now, we share a mutual respect for one another. They know my dreams and desires. we talk openly about our "flaws" and our hopes.

7) Happiness: In thier own way all of these people contributed to my overall happiness. But also my happiness came from within myself: by finding the joy that is the story of my life. So although It had many obsticles and hazards along the way, the story was made complete by the people who shared a part In my life.

So they may not have been famouse or won great prizes or awards, but to me they have the highest honor of being  the faces that shaped a life. Is there one or many people wo have shaped your life?

windy windy
46-50, F
Apr 20, 2007