The He Said ...she Said and How Did I Misinterpret That?

I plainly did not master the art of reading men's minds. If they tell you or ask you consistantly to do things together (dinner, movies, plays. or whatever) over a long period of time.wouldn't you get the impression they were into you? And if you knew thier whole family and youknew it was only you he was spending time with, again would'nt you think hey this is something?

And what if he was always taking into consideration the things you like, fav shows,food,entertainment ect? with all of that in mind yet he still hasn't gone to the next level? Does this mean that you are his esteemed buddy or is he building a foundation? 

windy windy
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2 Responses May 14, 2007

hahahahah<br />
Smart guys DO think of girls, and Life itself as building a house.<br />
<br />
The rest just try to stack cards...

ROFL! That last statement made it sound like a guy thinks of us gals in terms of building a house! So, with that thought in mind... after we are built, how long into the relationship do you get before HE starts trying to REMODEL??!!