Dear God Do I Ever Wish This!

For five months I have hoped, prayed and wished for this!  Now if only it would actually come true.
How on earth am I ever supposed to make a relationship work if he won't come out and tell me what the heck is going on?  One minute he's all wanting to keep it so secret that half our friends don't even know, the next he's getting all bent out of shape that another guy is TALKING to me.
And lets not even get into trying to take it to a semi-serious level.  He's afraid, I get it! So am I, but fears are meant to be conquered aren't they?
Anyone learn how to read their minds, please, help me out here! :-)
somebunni somebunni
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4 Responses Aug 1, 2007

Careful now!!! We all know what happened to Matt Parkman!!! ;) (Although maybe he's your role model in this wish for mind-reading... ) :D

I should clarify. Its not a secret anymore, but he's still hiding his true feelings from me. I just wish I knew what the heck he's thinking about me by now.

That sounds really rough. A five month secret relationship sounds a little ridiculous, but if you really care about him I can see why you'd stick with it. I wish I had magical advice on how to get him to spill the beans, but with the exception of tying him up and torturing him, I've got no idea how to get him to speak his mind. I guess it comes down to how much you care about him, if the benefits of this relationship out way the crap he's putting you through. If it's not worth it, there are definitely other guys out there that are.

What happens if you read his mind and all you find is a big confused mess because he doesn't know what he wants or what to do? o_O (Which sounds like the inside of the minds of most men in similiar situations ;))