For a Moment

If I could I would read his mind

I would be there at this moment

I would also read his heart

I would know everything I don't know

I would read everything I have imagined

And I would know where to find him

But I can't

And here I am in the uncertainty

Counting my lucky

Without "him" I am imprisoned

Dying of "love" if this was a death

He is somewhere and I am here

Many thoughts go through my mind

Many questions are unanswered

If I could read his mind

Everything would be quite different

Because for no moment

He wouldn't take me out of his mind

But I can't make magic

I am only a dreamer

Who travels on a broom through his dreams

Taking the unknown path

Just to know if he feels the same!


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3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I second jp5040, my mind would not have any chance against your words. Smiles

TP, you and I have a similar being. xoxo

aw..yeah it would b great to read his mind and what his heart say