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Yes! I don't understand guys at all. It's so hard to know whats going on in thair heads. It would be so much easer to just be able to know...
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2007

I'm not convinced that it would necessarily make all that much sense, depending on the guy! Sometimes men do think quite *differently*... different mental fr<x>ameworks, different ways of approaching a problem. Learning about male psychology has taught me a lot of interesting things about my own thought processes. I think if you want insight into what a man *might* be thinking, you could do a lot worse than learning male psychology. :D

I sure wish I could read their minds too I think. Then again somethings we might not want to know. My ex and I seemed like we were gonna get back together I really still love him. We broke up 3 months ago but we went out on a date one month ago. Since that date he quit returning my calls until today turns out he was seeing someone else and she moved in his apartment 2 days ago. He says he still loves me but he wants to give this new girl a chance. He met her through a dating service and they spent 10 days together a few weeks ago right after he was with me. Now she is living with him. She moved here from another state too! Its so crazy how well can they know each other? I wish I could read his mind to find out why he did this. He wouldn't give me a second chance but moves a practical stranger in with him! What do you think?