On Mind Reading.

Your face tells me nothing in the way that it looks


I wish I could read minds, but I can only read books.


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You down with L.E.P.? <br />
<br />
Yeah, you know me.

Well, those are in my top eighteen Lords That I Pray To.<br />

You get smiled upon for your rhyme by the Lords of Excessive Punctation.

Most of the time I don't wish I could mind-read,<br />
Like you guys say, it's not necessary, indeed<br />
The verse popped into my head and I liked that it rhymed<br />
So I wrote it, didn't join the group, <br />
Didn't you like that it rhymed?

i agree with Mary, and if you listen to guys mind, you'd be driving nuts. Sometimes we don't even say anything at all. We visualize mostly everything in our heads.

reading minds why???all the pain and sorrow you here and feel,,,all that is,,,and you can't shut it off,,,No I don't want to read minds,,,,love and light mary

Maybe you should just be more inquisitive.<br />
(heartbreak zone)<br />
Most people like being asked what they'd rather be admitting anyway.<br />
(heartbreak Xing)<br />
Mine didn't rhyme.