Just For a While!

I am highly paranoid, when people say that like me and think that I am cool... Do they really think so? I wonder! I would like to be like Parkman (from the show Heroes) and be able to read their minds, after they have said things like that. And then I could find out if Philip really like my EP stories or just humoring me! =p

Also, do guys really think I am attractive or just saying so, just so they can get a shot at my rockin' body! I admit it, I have a nice ***! No Philip... not a donkey. Beat you to it! =p

Also, I'd like the know the thoughts of my therapist. I can tell she is bored with me and our sessions. And peeved that I am doing well, with not so much of her help. But sometimes when I am talking with her, about my feelings, it seems like she's spacing out and not listening. SO, I'd like to know what she is thinking about. :-/

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Mar 18, 2009